Career Development Office

We provide Guidelines for personal and professional development.


Career Development Office offers you; ServicesPrograms to explore your area of interest, gives you awareness about the career opportunities and helps you to find the career of your choice.

What we do!

The Career Development Office allows you to connect with multiple mentors for professional advice. Your mentors will guide you with career selection, specialization, examination, study material, job opportunities, and more. You can also search by the kind of support you’re looking for; this includes resume review, interview preparation, job shadowing, development of career-related skills, and internship opportunities. When making connections through the IMDC Career Network you can:

  • Learn how to apply for an exam/ job in a particular field.
  • Develop contacts with specialists in your field of interest.
  • Find potential job shadowing sponsors.
  • Join discussions on professional topics based on your field of interest.
  • Find a mentor / become a mentor.
Join the IMDC Career Network
The IMDC Career Network is an online mentorship program built exclusively for IMDC students and alumni. Members choose the ways in which they can support others and specify the professional goals they are seeking themselves. Mentors can offer career guidance, job shadows, internship and job search support, resume reviews and job interviews.

Connect with us

Career Development Office, IMDC, Main Murree Road, Bharakahu, Islamabad.

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